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Our Dankbarkeit range of healing stone hippie accessories is a useful tool for you to use to add a spark of joy into the little things we take for granted on a daily basis. We want you to see more reasons to be at peace and grateful for your world, so that we can all work together through mindfulness accessories such as this painted rock to motivate us to stand up for what we believe in, and care for ourselves, and remember how to make the most out of your day, each day.

Each graditute stone is hand painted from both sides, every piece is unique. Choose out of three categories and gift yourself or your beloved one.


With everything that is going on in the world around us it is easy to forget the bright side of life. We know this feeling all too well, so in our search for mindfulness accessories to help us get on the right track, we thought we should share our findings with you, to help you see the bright side too! 

Gratitude stones are simple and useful tools to use for cultivating a positive attitude. The idea is that you take one of these painted rocks and every morning hold on to it and think about 5 things which you are most grateful for. Then take the hand painted stones with you on your daily adventures, put the river rocks in your pocket or bag, and remind yourself of those five positive things whenever you touch the mindfulness stones or have a hard time during the day. The results are almost instant; you will find it easier to focus on your mental health and harder to get caught up in negative and stressful moments. Doing this every day and changing those 5 things you attach to these natural healing stones forces you to exercise positivity, and allows you to cultivate gratuity which helps you manifest and appreciate more. 

We chose one of our favourite artists to help us create these mindfulness tools; our friend Amalia who hand decorated each of these hippie rocks and boho rocks in her own unique and wonderful way. Each healing stone is different and every mind stone healing pendant has been painted with love and care to help you add value to the simple things in life, and discover a whole new way of thinking about things. 

Each of these river rocks have been individually selected from natural areas in Portugal, to give our artists the painting rocks which are the perfect size for you to use as rock gifts for kids, healing stones for men or even as a rock gift for women. Each one you order has been decorated with its one unique twist giving you a range of stones healing accessories which were made just for you. 

Explore Amalias artwork here.

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